Psybase Network Inc. aligns people and processes with strategy to foster and sustain measurable performance improvement at the individual, team, and organization level. Our focus is people, particularly in the context of change: we work with the executive team to ensure that it is able to lead the change; we design the change plan and change programs to implement it; we align the systems, policies and procedures so that they support the change; and we provide communication support, and measure the progress of the change.

No matter the change catalyst—new strategy, merger or acquisition, leadership transition—Psybase Network Inc. provides assistance in three key result areas…

Central to Psybase Network’s consulting approach is an emphasis on the behavioral sciences and their application to organization effectiveness. The scope of practice includes the following…


Psychology (Clinical, Counseling, and Industrial/ Organizational)


Organization Development


Adult Education and Instructional Design


Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis


Developing shared goals and sound strategies:

O Strategy development process for management teams

O Strategy implementation consulting

O Integration of mergers and acquisitions

O Linking shared service strategies, structures and processes to business strategies


Building understanding of and commitment to the strategies throughout the organization:

O Strategy communication to ensure buy-in

O Enhancing teamwork and cross-functional communication

O Developing strategic leaders at all levels

O Change management and cultural renewal


Developing people with the skills and competencies that are required for success:

O Design and delivery of customized training programs

O Assessment centers, 360 assessment and feedback

O Leadership and management development

O Employee surveys

O Competency modeling

O Large-scale management simulations and search conferences

O Executive and managerial coaching

O Performance management systems

O Strategies for hiring, assimilating, and retaining key people

O Strategies for redeployment and career transition